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Dr. Maged Abouelseoud
Specialist - Cardiologist
Dr. Anil Dalal
Specialist - Endodontist
Dr. Litty Varghese
Dr. Sonia Tahir
GP Cardiologist
Dr. Nehal Ali
Specialist - Dermatology
Dr. Meera Radhakrishnan
Dermatologist and Cosmetologist
Dr. Mohamed Bin Abdullah Al Lamki
Senior Consultant - Diabetes and Endocrinology
Dr. Catherine Walsh
Family Practitioner
Dr. Sathish Nagiah Veluswamy
Specialist General Surgeon
Dr. Ola Mohammed Abdalrahim Sidahmed
General Practitioner
Dr. Saeed Hasanpour
General Practitioner
Dr. Jitendra Motavar
Specialist - Internal Medicine
Dr. Mohammed A.H. Asfour
Specialist Internist
Dr. Lakshman Bhaskar . M
Specialist ENT
Dr. Al Shaar Ohoud
Specialist - Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Atya Rehman
Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dr. Usha Gopakumar
Specialist Ophthalmologist
Dr. Chetan Narayan Salian
Specialist Orthopedic
Dr. Suja Haneef
Specialist - Pediatrics
Dr. Hilal Al-Riyami
Pediatric Cardiologist
Dr. Salman Kareem
Specialist - Psychiatry
Dr. Fatma Urehman Tufail
Senior Consultant - Radiology
Dr. Suzanne Koshi
Specialist Radiology
Dr. Fathy Gabr Ali Mostafa
Specialist - Urology
Dr. Jacob Varghese
Sr. Consultant - Sports & Joint Surgery
Dr. Seyede Fateme Amir Khalili
Specialist - General Surgeon
Aswathy Rajeev

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