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Dr. Mohamed Bin Abdullah Al Lamki
Senior Consultant - Diabetes and Endocrinology
Dr. Hassan Al Lawati
Senior Specialist - Orthopedic and Trauma
Dr. Jacob Varghese
Sr. Consultant - Sports & Joint Surgery
Dr. Chetan Narayan Salian
Specialist Orthopedic
Dr. Fatma Urehman Tufail
Senior Consultant - Radiology
Dr. Salman Kareem
Specialist - Psychiatry
Dr. Maged Abouelseoud
Specialist - Cardiologist
Dr. Fathy Gabr Ali Mostafa
Specialist - Urology
Dr. Hilmi Abdul Salam
Specialist - ENT / Medical Director
Dr. Al Shaar Ohoud
Specialist - Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Maha Thamir
Specialist - Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Anas Yasser Youssef
Specialist Pediatrics
Dr. Suja Haneef
Specialist - Pediatrics
Dr. Wael Ahmed Abdelhamid
Specialist - Internal Medicine
Dr. Jitendra Motavar
Specialist - Internal Medicine
Dr. Nehal Ali
Specialist - Dermatology
Dr. Anil Dalal
Specialist - Endodontist
Dr. Lavanya Rohil
Dental Surgeon
Dr. Litty Varghese
Dr. Suzanne Koshi
Specialist Radiology
Dr. Seyede Fateme Amir Khalili
Specialist - General Surgeon
Dr. Sathish Nagiah Veluswamy
Specialist General Surgeon
Dr. Ola Mohammed Abdalrahim Sidahmed
General Practitioner
Dr. Saeed Hasanpour
General Practitioner
Dr. Catherine Walsh
Family Practitioner
Aswathy Rajeev

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