vision, mission and values


To be a trusted Healthcare provider inspiring hope through innovative and complex care. Our aspiration is to be the best and set standards for the art of healing.


To transform the health of People and Communities we serve and to manage illness with skill and compassion. BMC is built upon our rich history of medical innovation and community service to improve the lives of those in our care. We are committed to providing quality patient care with unrelenting attention to clinical excellence, unparalleled passion and commitment to the guests we serve.


Our values define our philosophy the art of healing. This shape our actions and motivate and inspire us to pursue excellence and achieve the goals we have set forth for the future.

Our value include:

Humanity: Our physicians, nurses and other clinical and support staff serve with care and compassion. We see our patients as guests first, with set values, beliefs and experience that shape their needs and our care.

Innovation: Our innovative delivery system, research endeavors and use of technology to improve how care is provided are fundamental to our success.

Teamwork: At BMC, our collaborative approach ensures a culture of participation, learning and respect. We improve the quality of care, enhance guest safety and provide the broadest range of expertise possible.

Diversity: We embrace our diverse workforce and community, different backgrounds bring new contributions to patient care and medical advances. We seek to recruit and retain candidates with a breadth of experiences and backgrounds.

Equity: Our actions are the results of a deep belief in fairness to those we serve. BMC also, advocates for government policies that ensure equitable access to all care- both primary and advanced specialty care.